Confession #6

Confession #6


"Now I think I’m 
addicted to petticoats 🤣".

What's a petticoat? Wikipedia: 

A petticoat or underskirt is an article of clothing, a type of undergarment worn under a skirt or a dress.

Here's what men wearing petticoats might look like:

A white man standing on road with a fanned out black skirt and petticoat, black leather jacket, black shoes and tall black socks with red stripes near the top. Has a slight smile, looking into the distance.

(images below created with AI)

Black man in rounded petticoat on city street, looking away from camera

Man in elegant petticoat under long folding skirt

Man in skirt and petticoat facing a field.

Man in skirt and petticoat, and suit/vest top, and dress shoes.


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I too love to wear petticoats and slips under my skirts; I never wear a skirt without them and quite often have them showing slightly below the skirt hem.

Paul Bartlett

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