Sharing clothes with your partner

Sharing clothes with your partner

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A wonderful part of the skirt life is sharing clothes with your partner. Getting dressed can be fun and collaborative with one big, colourful wardrobe.

Is your partner into skirts, and cool with you wearing them? Are you somewhat similar in size? Are they comfortable with (or super pumped about) you borrowing clothes? If this all rings true, read on.

Fit-wise, skirts can be incredibly forgiving compared to pants or shirts. Especially when they're stretchy. But always ask before trying things on, and be careful not to stretch smaller garments in the process.

Test things you might not put on in a store. You'd be surprised what can work on a totally different body, vibe, and ensemble. Something your partner has gotten used to on them might seem new all over again when they see it on you. Warning: This can lead to 'who wore it better' competitions, and fights over who gets to wear it to the next event.

If your wardrobe hasn't changed much in the last few years, treat this as an opportunity to create hybrid looks, like a long plaid "masculine" shirt paired with a miniskirt.

Then reverse it and offer items you own that your partner might look great in.

And why stop at skirts? Trade your tops. Borrow some tights. Split a heaping bowl of pasta. Share the raw emotions that linger in the depths of your being. Share a toothbrush! Too far? Let's bring it back to textiles.

You can't go wrong experimenting from the comfort of home. This lets you try new styles before buying and thrifting. You'll quadruple your outfit combinations (anyone good at math?). Have fun with it.

A lot of this can apply to friends and roommates as well. Communication is key.

Do you have a shared wardrobe? I'd love to hear about it.

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We do ‘share’ — but mostly she ‘acquires’ mine — especially when travelling when we have a limited selection for events; but she is more reluctant to loan me hers as she comes to identify with them and is not always comfortable with me appearing in ‘her’ skirt. I can wear whatever I please if it is ‘mine’ only. Amusingly, she recently was complimented on her skirt and quipped, " borrowed it from my husband — how many women can say that"! I just have to be careful to wear a new skirt before she gets a hold of it lest she adopt it from the onset! We do find our respective shapes can make some skirts suitable for one of us, but not both. A bit useful at times in the ‘jack could eat no fat, and his wife could eat no lean’ scenarios.


The first skirt I ever wore was my partners. She was at work and I put it on and it felt so good I wore it the whole day and then every time she was at work and I wasn’t


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