Skirt press in the UK rock scene

Skirt press in the UK rock scene

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One of our first spotlights, Andy, was featured in several magazine articles across Europe and the UK, even making front cover of a mag's special edition.

His band The Tangent released a new record To Follow Polaris in May, quickly climbing to no 13 in the UK Rock charts. 

Andy can be seen playing the drums in a skirt here, though it's not wildly obvious, with the video effects – try to not get this song stuck in your head:

Below are some of the covers and articles – photos by Chris Walkden.

Andy wearing a tan skirt and blouse under a red leather jacket on the front cover of Prog magazine:

Andy on the front cover of Prog magazine, playing a piano guitar.
Andy in red leggings with an open Desigual dress, behind the keyboard in an Italian magazine:

Andy in a red plaid skirt, on the guitar:

Andy in a tan front-buttoned skirt and an interesting top with lace detailing:

Tags: Entertainment People

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