Spotlight: Eric from Colorado

Spotlight: Eric from Colorado

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What do you go by?


Where are you based?

Ft. Collins Colorado

How did you get into skirts?

While backpacking in Wyoming we bumped into a man, Dan, who was doing the CDT, Continental Divide Trail, and was wearing a hiking kilt. We talked for a while about the benefits of it. So shortly after getting home I Googled Hiking kilts and I stumbled onto hiking skirts. I was a little nervous to order one at first. So when it came I started wearing it just around the house. Then got brave and started to go for evening walks with it. I wore one on a hike and when I had to stop for gas on the way home I went into the station and nobody said a thing. Well it didn't take long that I would wear my hiking skirts to the store and to work. Well it didn't take long that I enjoyed wearing my skirts that I started wearing them all the time. The only time I don't wear them is when I am on my motorcycle.

What’s your favourite thing about skirts?

That isn't clear cut, probably the biggest thing is the comfort. But there is a little bit of being different and wearing what I want to wear, even if it makes some people uncomfortable, I enjoy it.

Is it hard to find skirts that you want to wear?

No, it has been pretty easy to find what I like online. There are 2 websites where I get the skirts. I own 45 skirts and 3 dresses. Both are woman owned and made here in the USA. [LightHeart Gear and Purple Rain Adventure Skirts]

Can you describe any challenges you’ve faced in wearing skirts?

The only challenge was in my own head. Once I got over worrying about what people thought I have no problems wearing my skirts anywhere. This summer I did a poker run on my motorcycle and the night before there was a gathering and I wore a skirt to it, with 300 other bikers and nobody said a thing.

Can you share a meaningful story around skirts?

I was traveling to Long Island N.Y. to run a 100K trail race. Well I had a 2 hour layover in Baltimore so I figured I would walk around the airport to keep my legs moving. On my second lap I had a woman chase me down to ask me where I got the skirt, it made me feel pretty good.

What situations do you wear or avoid wearing skirts?

Like I said earlier the only time I don't wear my skirts is when I am riding my motorcycle. I have even worn one of the hiking skirts when climbing a 14er in the winter, I did wear knee high wool socks. I even wear some of my skirts when running my ultra marathons.

If you could share one thing with the world around skirts, masculinity, or nonconformity, what would it be?

Be yourself. The clothes that you wear have NOTHING to do with masculinity or sexuality. Wear what you want. I have received more compliments from women than I can count.

Any other thoughts, comments, or aspirations?

I really don't know how to explain what wearing skirts does or how it makes me feel other than freedom to be myself and the confidence to do anything I want. So if you are either on the fence, or a skirt-wearer in private, step out and wear your skirts and dresses with pride and confidence.


A bearded man hiking up a snowy mountain, with snowy mountains in the horizon. He has a greyish green skirt, hiking poles, long black socks, a black shirt, and a backpack.

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This site is amazing, and I love how you’re featuring different people.


It was the Tesla Hertz in Rocky Point


Eric is one fine athlete and human being. Proud to know him. I do not have a skirt hyself, but then I don’t have his legs, lol.

Deward Houck

Love the idea.
I live on Long Island in NY….where did you do a 100K trail race?

Timothy Becker

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