Spotlight: Maan from Mexico City

Spotlight: Maan from Mexico City

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What do you go by?

You can call me Maan (@m.a.a.n_15 on Instagram).

Where are you based?

I live in Mexico City.

How did you get into skirts?

I actually started wearing knee-high and otk boots before trying on skirts. I remember that at some point I was thinking that boots and jeans go well with each other but I also wanted to have more variety with my outfits so I thought about other garments that could fit well with boots. Following some outfit inspo on Pinterest and Instagram I decided to try on skirts and mini dresses. The result was awesome, in my opinion, so I tried on and figured out other ways to style skirts.

What’s your favourite thing about skirts?

Definitely comfort and variety. Skirts are, in my opinion, one of the most comfortable items to have in our wardrobe. There are different lengths, shapes and patterns that make skirts an item that can easily be adapted to every style and occasion.

Two images of Maan posting in front of a tall mirror, both with black skirts. Right image with tall black boots, and left image with white sneakers.

Is it hard to find skirts that you want to wear?

At the beginning it was.

I was discovering my style so it was difficult to know what shapes fit me well.

Also was hard to find my size, mostly because I didn't know it. But with time I discovered my size and some styles and shapes that I like and that I think they fit my body type. Also I'm learning to fix and modify my clothes. This way, with a bit of creativity, I can solve some challenges such as size or lack of pockets.

Maan leaning on a post outside, with long grey skirt with blue and black horizontal lines. Also wearing sunglasses, and having a smoke.

Can you describe any challenges you’ve faced in wearing skirts?

I think the hardest part of wearing female clothes in general has been self acceptance. Through the process I've discovered that I have a lot of insecurities and fears. Some of them related to sociocultural prejudices but some others related to my own perspective of myself. Of course I'm working hard on that.

Can you share a meaningful story around skirts?

Once I got a message from one of my closest friends saying that he wanted to go outside with me, both wearing skirts. At this point I was just starting to wear skirts in public so I thought he was interested in wearing skirts. I thought he needed support to start. So we went to a bar, both wearing long skirts (he borrowed a pink one from his girlfriend).

The funny thing was that he wasn't interested in wearing skirts, he just wanted to show his support for me and help me feel confident wearing skirts in public.

Even when it was a misunderstanding, it gave me a good idea on how supporting each other, builds stronger friendships.

What situations do you wear or avoid wearing skirts?

I try to wear skirts every time that I can, especially when I meet some of my friends, in places where I feel secure and also around my neighborhood. But I avoid wearing them when I'm with some of my older relatives. I know they wouldn't understand it and might be uncomfortable for all of us. I prefer to avoid uncomfortable situations for me and also for them. Maybe with the time and dialogue this issue may be solved.

If you could share one thing with the world around skirts, masculinity, or nonconformity, what would it be?

I think that masculinity can't be measured, not all men are the same, neither our masculinities should be.

Wearing skirts or heels or any other garment that is associated with female fashion doesn't make us more or less of a man, neither takes off our human value.

And on the other hand, it requires braveness to try on different things and get out of our comfort zone.

Two images of Maan posing in a tall mirror, both with long red boots, and skirt.

Any other thoughts, comments, or aspirations?

I'd like to encourage all the men out there to get out of their comfort zone and try on new things. I think this is the best way to start practicing respect and tolerance and is a fantastic way to get to know ourselves better.

Maan leaning against a white wall, smiling, with white/black plaid shirt and a black dress with belt

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