Spotlight: Moi from France

Spotlight: Moi from France

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Answers are translated from French.

What do you go by?


Where are you based?


How did you get into skirts?

I think that wearing a skirt can be masculine...

I tried on one of my wife's skirts and she told me that it looked good on me, so I adopted it 😊

What’s your favourite thing about skirts?

Comfort and well-being.

A man's denim blue half-pleated skirt, hands in pockets, and a white and black striped shirt tucked in.

Is it hard to find skirts you want to wear?

No, there is “vinted”, and different ready-to-wear stores.

Describe any challenges you’ve faced wearing skirts:


Share a meaningful story about skirts:

Shopping, positive social experience and friendly encounters with clothing sellers.

What situations do you wear, or avoid wearing skirts?

All situations, except at work.

Any other thoughts, comments, or aspirations?

I'm supported by my wife who advises me on my skirt purchases and photos.

A man in a pleated white and black above-the-knee skirt, black tights, and a tucked in blue t-shirt, with fedora, looking down with smoke vapour coming out of mouth around chest.

Tags: Spotlight

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@moi14_26 exactly. keep wearing what you love and inspiring others to do the same 👗😊

Everybody Skirts

On a qu’une vie , profitons en au maximum, have fun in skirt 😃☀️🌞


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