Why men wear skirts – Top 10 reasons

Why men wear skirts – Top 10 reasons


Are skirts just for women and girls?

One old fashioned dictionary would say yes:

Funny thing is, western culture happens to be in a narrow window of time where skirts for men is considered taboo.

Thankfully, every now and then humans question why they do things, and fashion evolves like everything else. 

Let's get into the top 10 reasons why men have the AUDACITY.

Why do men wear skirts?

#10. Because they always have

Why men wear skirts - Reason #10: Because they always have

#9. The twirls

A man or male bodied person dancing on a dance floor with other male bodied people. Everyone's wearing a skirt, and the main person is close to the camera facing away, and the long skirt is flowing outwards, and folded.


#8. No wads of extra fabric in the crotch

Why men wear skirts - reason #8: No wads of extra fabric in the crotch (image of jeans with fabric bunched up around the crotch)


#7. Breaking stereotypes is fun 

A man in a skirt, smiling and dancing on a dance floor with others who are wearing pants. Text: Breaking stereotypes is fun. Reason #7 Why Men Wear Skirts.


#6. The sheer variety

Why men wear skirts - Reason #6: The Sheer Variety (8 skirts laying on floor without background).


#5. Ventilation

White man walking with medium to long flowy skirt and backpack, in hot sun around buildings and other humans


#4. Range of motion

A Black man in a light blue-grey skater skirt in an active tennis pose, with racket, hat, necklaces, bracelets, and sneakers.

#3. Legs are sexy

An Asian man walking down the yellow path where a train might go in the city, in a black skater skirt, grey t-shirt tucked in, holding a black bag. Caption: Why men wear skirts, Reason #3, Legs are sexy

#2. It's a gender neutral garment


#1. Self expression

Why men wear skirts - Reason #1: Self expression


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So many truths here JCNY! Things that might not cross the minds of pants wearers. Alright, Ventilation is going up ^ :D


Oh yes. Besides “No wads of extra fabric in the crotch” (you’re welcome), how about super easy to pee (assuming a knee length or shorter skirt): hem up, bikini waistband down and you’re good to go (so to speak). Totally beats digging through a fly opening, past shirttails to get to the hidden undies before scraping out past the zipper. Make that #5.
And for #6: One word. VENTILATION.
#7: you can rock a high waistband without looking like an old fart (see: Tim Conway as The Old Man). Higher waistbands feel better, IMHO.
I’ll leave #8-10 to your imagination (Yes, that part of your imagination. Turns out guy legs are considered quite attractive to many…).


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