Black Tights: The Timeless Workhorse of any Skirted Wardrobe

Black Tights: The Timeless Workhorse of any Skirted Wardrobe

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If you consider just one accessory for your skirts, invest in the versatility of black tights. This budget-friendly piece seamlessly complements any skirt style.

Tights can refer to various styles of leggings, stockings, hosiery, or simply ‘legwear’.

Why black, you ask? Because it goes with anything, and makes the colours and textures of skirts pop.

Why bother with tights? Let’s count the reasons:
  1. Warmth: Tights provide a little extra warmth on a cold or windy day. Insulated / thermal tights under a skirt will let you skip pants altogether in the winter months. If you run hot, try breathable athletic or merino tights.
  2. Classic: People might expect a skirt to be paired with tights, at least when it’s not hot out. If you’re a man who’s starting to venture into skirts, blending in with this classic skirted look might be preferable.
  3. Smooth operator: Because skirts are more associated with female bodies, male anatomy can create a bulge behind the skirt that may not look as traditional as with jeans. Tights will smooth things out a bit, if a more flush look is desired. And who cares about societal norms? We’re rewriting those.
  4. Coverage: Tights hide leg hair and texture in the skin for a sleek and minimal look – great for office chic, and date night.
  5. Undercover: With or without undies, sprawling or cartwheeling, tights will keep you decent. Ninja turtle undies? Your secret’s safe with tights.
  6. Leg embrace: Tights gently hug the legs, accentuating their shape and length. This brings a snug, confidence boosting feel.
  7. Flexibility: Even the stretchiest pair of jeans will feel like full plate armour next to tights.

To get an idea of how they change a skirt outfit’s look, here are some before and after shots of a few different types of black tights:

Before and after pictures of a male bodied individual with black skirt and yellow shirt. Bare legs in left shot, black tights with rose pattern in right shot.
Before and after pictures of a male bodied individual with orange, green, and black wool yarn skirt and black armless shirt. Bare legs with socks in left shot, thermal black leggings in right shot.

These aren't tights per se, but they achieve a similar look and feel, and are great with mini skirts in the summer:

Before and after pictures of a male bodied individual with white shirt and yellow/red/orange/brown striped mini skirt. Bare legs in left shot, and long black seamless underwear in right shot.

Leggings might be your thing if you do a lot of dancing, get sweaty feet, or just like your toes to be free.

If you’re male bodied, tights with a single seam at the crotch may be less comfortable. Look for ones with either no seam, two seams (one on either side of the groin), or at least a flat seam.

Go forth! Snag your first pair of tights if you haven’t already. Get inspired by our Lookbook. Soon, you’ll find yourself exploring other colours, patterns, textures, and weights. Don’t forget – there’s no shortage of sustainable choices, from tights made with recycled materials, to scoring a pair at the thrift store.

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