What stops men from wearing skirts?

What stops men from wearing skirts?

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We polled our Instagram and Facebook communities on the issues and situations that prevent them from wearing skirts. Dozens shared their thoughts and experiences, highlighting the topic's importance.

Here are the results:

Before we get into the categories, we'll note that some men described multiple, often interrelated blockers.


Nothing tied for the second most common response, although many of our followers are men who've been wearing skirts for years.


Society came in as the most common blocker, with references to uncomfortable glances, living in intolerant regions, general bigotry and sexism, as well as a fear of judgment, confrontation, and not being liked by women.


This was common as well, with deep ties to societal pressure. Themes here include seeking external validation, and working up the nerve. Fear plays a big part, in terms of reactions, embarrassment, and losing credibility.


Unfortunately support from a partner, wife, or husband is needed for some men to consider wearing skirts in public, or even at home. This can be especially difficult for men who haven't been upfront early on about their desire to wear skirts. 


Wearing skirts in front of family can be daunting due to fear of judgment. The anxiety extends to public spaces, especially when close to home where people who know your relatives might recognize you, adding concern about potential gossip reaching your family.

Painful aspects include negative reactions from loved ones, and fear of losing respect.

Style selection

A few men expressed the need to find the right skirt, or at least something long enough to cover the knees. Which isn't always easy...

Those who are new to skirts need to learn and develop their style. They need time to find out which skirts work well on them.

Many western men start with kilts or skirts that are similar in style and length, to keep a masculine edge. But kilts can be expensive.

Men also might not be comfortable in the women's section of thrift stores, or in skirts that don't hide the male bulge.

Activity constraints

Despite it being a reason to wear skirts, range of motion was a blocker for one who cited mountain biking and doing a photo shoot. Biking or riding came up for someone else, which makes sense... pants were invented for horse riding

Friends or coworkers

The issue here was fear of losing respect and credibility in social and professional circles. 

Although not explicitly mentioned in the comments, these fears are intensified by intersectionality, where existing layers of racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination compounds the difficult decision to wear skirts.

Cold weather

Frigid temperatures can limit the ability to wear skirts – or at least without thermal tights. This was described "with leggings you don't get the full feel and freedom of skirts." 

Identity concerns

Fear of others questioning their gender and sexual orientation came up only once, though it's a common concern with men.

Lack of pockets

Men are used to pockets – large ones too. But most skirts out there are designed for women. And why would women need pockets


Let us know if there's anything you'd add!

And if you're feeling intimidated after reading all these blockers, see our Top ten reasons why men wear skirts.


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